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GMES delivers top-notch Inspection, Testing, and Calibration services in the Middle East and Gulf Region, serving key industries with excellence.

Valve Testing & Repair Services

Valve Testing services are offered onsite and in our workshop facility as per international standard and guidelines in the following areas, with state of the art computerized Equipment.

  • Control Valves Testing (0.5” to 52”)
  • Mechanical Valves Testing (0.5” to 52”)
    Pressure Safety/Relief Valves Size Testing (0.25”
  • Motor operated valves Testing (0.5” to 52”)
  • Supply of Skilled Manpower for Valves
  • Valve Overhauling and Maintenance

Our Equipment line for Valve Testing Includes,

  • Ventil VC25SP-T4 & Ventil VC25-SRV

The Ventil Pressure Safety (Relief) Valve (spring weight and pilot operated) test units are designed and equipped for both Gas, Liquid and Vacuum testing from size 0.75 to 10 Inch

  • Ventil MP2-T4

The Ventil MP2-T4 Pressure Safety (Relief) Valve / Control Valve test units are designed and equipped for both Gas, Liquid and Vacuum testing.
  • Ventil MP-TS

The Control Valve testing unit has a liquid test system for pressure testing valves, pipes,  vessels, cylinders, actuators and all other critical  pressure equipment’s up to a pressure of  1000 bar
  • Ventil CT-800 T4

The Ventil CT800-T4 is specially designed and fully equipped for testing and setting of all common tank relief valves, like for example; Pressure- Vacuum (‘breather’) valves and emergency vacuum vents in the range 2-24″. The compact CT800-T4 features a dual range pressure – vacuum test system with digital seat leakage detection and measuring.

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