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GMES delivers top-notch Inspection, Testing, and Calibration services in the Middle East and Gulf Region, serving key industries with excellence.

Building and Facilities Services

Accidents due to failure of installations in all type of buildings and facilities are still a continuing problem throughout the world. To ensure safer conditions for residents, or visitors who are in contact with high risk equipment or installations demands strict controls and periodic inspections. These Installations need to be checked regularly to ensure that installations comply with local/international safety regulations.

GMES has a team of qualified and experienced Engineers who provide periodic safety inspections services as per international standards to ensure that buildings/facilities installations are safe and reliable.

  • Thermography of Electrical Panels.
  • Safety Inspection of Electrical Installations.
  • Inspection of Fire Fighting Systems.
  • Safety Inspection of Swimming Pools.
  • Indoor Air Quality Survey Cox/ Sox in car parking, basements and rooms.
  • Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Noise Survey in B&F.
  • Air tightness Tests of Façade ( Infrared Thermography, Smoke Testing, Blower Door Test).
  • HVAC systems ( Air balancing , flow measurements). 
  • Inspection of Elevators, escalators, Travelators and building cleaning Equipment.
  • Safety inspection of Pumps.
  • Safety inspection of LPG Networks.
  • Inspection of Generators.
  • Building Energy Audits.
  • Milestone completion  audits during construction of building and facilities.
  • Verification of quantities/materials during construction.
  • Conducting installation inspections during Commissioning of HVAC, LPG and Fire Fighting systems.
  • Legionella Risk assessment and testing for HVAC ducts, chillers and Swimming pools.

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