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We are a highly professional company ready to serve our prestigious clients across the globe with competitive rates and quality services.

About us


Established in 2000, GMES is headquartered out of Dubai and has a regional presence in Qatar, Oman, Iraq and Bahrain. It is one of the pioneer companies operating in the Gulf region in the field of inspection, testing and calibration services.

GMES Inspection, Testing and Calibration Services are extending value-added services to the Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Process Industries, Construction, Power and Utilities and commercial sectors throughout the Middle East and Gulf Region.

We ensure Service Quality through:


We aim to be recognized globally as the supplier of choice in the fields of inspection, verification, testing, calibration and Technical advisory services. We aim to be the most competitive value-added service provider to our clients.


We aspire to be the globally recognized preferred supplier in TIC Industry. We strongly believe in the continuous improvement of our technical expertise, development of people and processes. We always strive to satisfy our stakeholders, create sustainable growth and profitability.

What we do

Our Expertise:

GMES is an Integrated Inspection, Testing and Calibration Services Provider throughout Middle East and Gulf Region and extending value added services to the Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Process Industries, Construction, Power & Utilities and Commercial Sectors.

Instrument Calibration

GMES posses the necessary competence and reference against the following parameters: Pressure, Temperature, Torque, Dimensional ...

Building & Facility

Accidents due to failure of installations in all type of buildings and facilities are still a continuing peroblem throughout the world...

HSE Services

HSE Risk Assessment of plants and buildings. HSE Services on construction project sites. HSE Audits of Suppliers on project sites....

Valve Testing & Repair

Valve Testing services are offered onsite and in our workshop facility as per international standard and guidelines in the following areas, with state...

Electrical Appliances Testing

GMES is also capable of performing tests on many other products based on various national and international standards.

Environmental Testing

Every day our ecosystem is effected by activities that pollute soil, water and air. Pollution on animals, humans and the environment can be devastating.

Product Certification

Exporting your products? GMES can help you comply with import and export requirements, assisting smooth customs clearance.

Industrial Services

GMES has a team of experienced and well qualified Engineers and Inspectors to perform quality and Safety inspections that ensures the equipment,..

Training & Advisory

Gray Mackenzie Training & Advisory is a division of Gray Mackenzie Engineering Services. Gray Mackenzie Engineering Services is a service....

Trading & Packaging

GMES is the authorized distributor of MSSC LLC (Marsh Products USA for Markings) and Welding Consumables Brands and is an...

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